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Endocrine/Estrogen Letter is the most comprehensive source of unbiased, accurate information about the scientific, regulatory and political issues associated with suspected endocrine disrupters. Its staff is in touch with leading scientists and government officials in the US, Europe and Asia, representatives of environmental groups, as well as companies and trade associations that are actively involved with suspected endocrine disrupter issues. It provides you advanced warning of impending risks that need to be managed within your business so you can take corrective action in a timely, cost effective manner. If you want to learn your personality type, you can take this enneagram test. Your enneagram type reveals many things about your personality.
Every month, E/E Letter provides in-depth reporting on critical developments, such as:
  • Emerging water utility risk management issues and the technologies evolving to deal with them;
  • US Environmental Protection Agency’s suspected endocrine disrupter screening and testing program;
  • National government regulatory actions in the US, UK, Japan and other countries;
  • The effectiveness of traditional and emerging treatment technologies on suspected EDCs;
  • The relative impact of suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals from different sources, which can be useful in risk communication to your customers;
  • New research on suspected endocrine disrupting chemicals;

E/E Letter provides updates on emerging scientific discoveries, often before they are reported in technical journals. Recent E/E Letter reports have described research that has implications for water utilities, manufacturers and users of industrial chemicals, foods, pesticides, plastics, detergents, paints, petroleum products, toys, and food-contact materials.

E/E Letter is more than a newsletter, it is your eyes and ears. Subscribers are provided with hand-outs from meetings and conferences, government documents and other materials and E/E Letter’s staff are available to answer questions from subscribers and conduct research.


Controversial Issues
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Animal Testing
ED Costs
Flame Retardants
Wilderness Damage
Food Packaging, Vinyl Gloves
Low Dose Effects
Drinking water and Sewage Treatment
Consumer Estrogen Information

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